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Review - THE SCALAR PROCESS "Coagulative Matter"

Transcending Obscurity Records have been transcending expectations for years now, bringing on some of the best of the obscure. The name really does work. One more recent and unknown band in the roster is the hidden gem The Scalar Process. The Scalar Process are preparing to release their debut album in February, recently we caught up with guitarist Eloi Nicod to discuss the new album, Coagulative Matter. As this is the band’s first outing, there’s a lot to discuss with absolutely no background on what they’re all about.

Artwork by: Bastien Jez

The tech-death outfit opens the album with “Elevation” and “Cosmic Flow”, and if you’re expecting something along the lines of Archspire, you’re in the wrong place. The Scalar Process work with a lot more in their debut album than just fast riffs and blast beats. Sure, blasts absolutely exist, but there’s much more in terms of composition as well. To start the album is “Elevation”, an intro track that gives a brief idea of what the album has to offer instrumentally. Honestly, as the song features no vocals and doesn’t flow or progress into the second track, it’s arguably not necessary. The real first track, “Cosmic Flow”, starts fresh with a harmonious guitar intro, but kicks off quickly.

The Scalar Process, specifically guitarist Nicod, uses harmonies all throughout the album brilliantly to provide a huge level of depth to the album. “Cosmic Flow” manages to flow between hard hitting death metal and beautiful bridges of clean harmonic bliss. Even drummer Clement Denys manages to bring himself down from all out blasts to a casual pace. This isn’t just locked to “Cosmic Flow” either, this is the honest flow of the album.

The production level on Coagulative Matter is incredible. With so much going on throughout the album, from the contrast of blasting death metal to a relaxing bliss, and the compositions throughout the album. This includes mixing in a piano on the title track, as well as other guests throughout the album. Such as Scott Corsairs (Fallujah) providing a guitar solo for “Ink Shadow”, Mark Garrett (Kardashev, Viraemia) doing vocals on “Mirror Cognition”, and Enlia with choir vocals on “Azimuth”. With so many different tones, everything blending together so well is a sign of great songwriting and excellent production.

The Scalar Process have dropped an huge album for their debut. With the only real complaint to the overall scope of Coagulative Matter being the arguable unneeded intro track, it would be hard to not recommend this album to any fans of technical death metal, or death metal as a whole. Some areas may be considered to be too progressive or jazz influenced for some, but all in all a highly enjoyable album from start to finish.


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