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Review - Revulsion "Revulsion"

Finland's Revulsion are breaking into the metal scene with their brand new album, Revulsion. The new self-titled release comes out February 5th through Transcending Obscurity Records and is hoping to make a splash with death metal fans all around. This new melodic death metal album features 10 tracks that range from high speed, monstrous instrumentals, to slower, much more melodic sections with strong vocal work.

One thing to appreciate is any album that properly showcases each member that plays on it. Typically the bass gets left deep in the background of the mix and is lost under everything else. On Revulsion though, the bass is present rattling through each and every section. Whether it's something slower and more melodic, like "Mustaa Hiiltä", or following along to the blasts in "Pyre", it's always there and audible.

Keep in mind, that's not to take away from anyone else either. Of course, vocals from Aleksi Huhta, and as previously mentioned the bass from Tuomas Alatalo, are always present. Huhta's vocal style is commanding and matching to the bands more mid-tempo style, as opposed to trying to match fast and constant blasts. That's not to say Atte Karppinen's drumming is simple by any means, consisting of intricate patterns, and going into full speed blasts when given the opportunity.

One thing to note about the self-titled Revulsion album, is the artwork. It's simple, but elegant. Created by Kuba Sokólski, the art is reminiscent of the scientific portrayal of a wormhole. Any album can benefit from a brightly coloured album, but Revulsion and Sokólaki managed to create something simple, and monochromatic, but interesting and strangely fitting to the album.

Revulsion's self-titled album is their debut full length, and while sure, it may not quite rank among some of the best melodic death metal albums, it's one of the most unique ones released in recent years. If you give Revulsion one or two more albums to really hone their style, it would be easy to see them release an album to compete with some of the best. Revulsion is a very strong release to kick off on though, and a highly enjoyable listen.


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