• Aaron Price

Premiere: HEADCRUSHER Unleash Brutalising New Track "Faith Is Not Enough"

20 years as a band is a long time to be absolutely dominating the underground, but that's exactly what Headcrusher have been doing this whole time. Fronted by Sol De Sangre vocalist Gustavo "Kike" Valderrama, Headcrusher are poised to Unleash their first new track since last year's "Blood Red Sands".

"Faith Is Not Enough" is a hard hitting, straight to the point, death-thrash track that will not only get the blood pumping, but your head banging. Following up the bands last album release, Death Comes With Silence, Headcrusher show all the praise received from Metal Hammer, Rolling Stone, and the like, is more than well deserved.

Guitarist Carlos Ramirez maintains a strong harmony and melody through the track, splitting off only just to crush some massive solos. All the while bassist Gustavo Calderon and drummer Alejandro Ospina bring up the rear with dominating and rumbling rhythm. All of this with Valderrama leading the charge on his harsh, but clear and audible vocals.

The new track from Headcrusher, "Faith Is Not Enough", is available for streaming below. Keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for updates about upcoming music and pick up their previous albums on their Bandcamp! Bands could use the help now more than ever, so show some love to Headcrusher!

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