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Interview with Sascha Dörr (Entorx)

Good afternoon, thank you for joining me today! Hello Aaron! With pleasure, dude.

Congratulations on the (semi) recent release of “Faceless Insanity”, released back in May, how has the reception been so far? Thanks a lot! For us it is actually still "recent", it still feels fresh and is still very well received. So far there has been great feedback worldwide, from the press, friends, fans and everyone who wants to become one. We are also pleased that many people have found interest in us, and there have also been significantly more interviews. We are of course a relatively small band, but we try our best to find like-minded people with our vision of cool, more extreme progressive metal. It feels a little better every day since the first single was released last year, "Hypocritical Faith". When the song was released on April 10th 2020, it was already very well received.

First noticeable thing that comes from the album, Trump thankfully said enough ridiculous things to help provide some narrative for the intro track. What is the overlying concept for “Faceless Insanity”?

Yes, that Donald Trump found his way into the intro is due on the one hand to the theme of the following song, "Black Dawn". It just offered itself. The song itself has actually existed for a few years and was part of our live shows. It is about an innocent inmate in Guantanamo Bay. The basic theme of the album is "mental illness" / manipulation / injustice and how it is caused. "Black Dawn" and the intro may fall out a bit, but the stupidity fits the album perfectly. "Hypocritical Faith" also takes up the topic of "Wars of Religion". How an actually "good news" is misused for war.

What does “Faceless Insanity” itself refer to? What’s the meaning behind the title? Quite simple actually: There is no "Face of Insanity", we do not limit ourselves to one type, but superficially deal with the most varied causes, fears and emotions. We also map this in what we consider to be multi-layered and varied tracks, without writing a doctoral thesis on them now. At first the album was also planned with a conceptual story, that gradually changed with the songs. However, we have retained a central theme. So we have given a more comprehensive title.

It’s been a while since your last album, “Broken Ways” released. What led to the 7 year hiatus? For one thing, we actually have some line up changes in the band. We don't do all of this full-time and still toured well. Line up changes can be important (if the constellation doesn't fit), but just as much they hold you back from doing the real "day-to-day" touring. The songs were actually as good as finished in 2017, a first attempt at recording was made, but it was also canceled quite early because it just felt "unfinished". At the end of 2018 we were finally ready and in April 2019 we could finally start recording. A handful of passages were adjusted before the recording, a few solos were written during the recording. So we actually worked on the material until zero second when recording. We were really very motivated and committed in that regard. We definitely don't want to repeat that like this. Seven years paid off in the end, but such a dry spell is hardly reasonable from our point of view. We're not Guns'N'Roses or AC/DC!

As you mentioned, Entorx had a couple changes to the lineup as well, what kind of new energy did new members bring? If you look at it that way, I am one of the "new members". I have certainly given some impulses in terms of promo, engagement and small details in the songs. In the end, the basic structure of the songs that our band lead Bogdan wrote single-handedly was finished. Of course I wrote my solos myself. The basic mood could actually be associated with a handful of member changes. Every now and then it wasn't the best mood, and on the album we don't have any positive mood. Fortunately we didn't give up.

“Faceless Insanity” released pretty early into the current pandemic, was there any hesitation into releasing the album? Of course we want to reach as large an audience as possible with the album and also reach "the next level". Fortunately, the album was mastered shortly before the first lockdown in Germany. Since we didn't think it could be foreseeable when the pandemic would end, we decided to publish it in May as originally planned. "You can do tours later!" Well...

At the time, however, nobody expected that a year later the situation would not have changed much and that much was still in the dark. It remains exciting!

It’s probably fair to assume that the album was, thankfully, finished prior to the start of the lockdown? It is definitely a great motivation to speed up the process a little next time, before we are faced with the "state of emergency" again.

Tell us a bit about the history of Entorx, how did you guys start? Who influenced you and your music? The band was founded by Bogdan in 2009 as the successor to their previously disbanded band Tremescum. Taras, his brother, immediately joined in and so the first EP Theta Waves was created with the first singer Ilja Prinz. Even then there were gradually changes, the band is always working on their musical vision. So “Broken Ways” came out, which was a whole bit more progressive and the final style was more or less defined, our drummer Simon Hauck at the time also left some traces when working out the song details. Extreme metal with a lot of variation and no boundaries that are too narrow. A lot of concerts followed and the aforementioned line up changes.

Faceless Insanity brings back some of the basic aggression based on the previous work.

Having been active since ~2009, and in Germany with so many amazing bands, have you managed to share the stage with any of your idles? I would still describe our support show for Vader, April 2018, as a personal milestone. Maybe these are not the musical role models of the band, but some of us must have some of the gentlemen's albums in the closet...

We also shared the stage with Deathrite, Cypecore, Necrotted, Prophecy23, Disbelief, Lay Down Rotten and Into Darkness, among others. All of them really cool bands and always a pleasure to play with them.

Given the chance, who would you like to share the stage with? In our promo we state that our album is just right for fans of Darkane, Revocation, Opeth, Strapping Young Lad, Gojira, and Hate.

If Morbid Angel, Nile, Meshuggah or Devin Townsend knocked on the door, I would just drop everything.

In general, we can hardly wait to tour several countries, no matter where in the world. Get in touch, we are ready!

Thank you so much for your time, looking forward to seeing what comes next from Entorx! Stay safe! We have to thank you, Aaron! We would be happy if you all out there would listen to our music and support us, if you like it. You can also buy CDs, MP3s and great merch from us on Bandcamp. I hope to see you in front of the stage soon; we are really hot! Eternal thanks guaranteed

You can find more from Entorx on their Bandcamp and social media pages https://entorx.de





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