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Interview with Liar Thief Bandit

Updated: Mar 26

Hey there, thank you for joining us today. How are you?

Thanks for having me! I’m very good thank you. Trying to stay healthy and keeping busy with the upcoming release, exciting times!

Tell us a bit about your new album, Deadlights, what was writing and recording for this album like?

After writing most of the songs in between tours in 2019, we started demoing and recording pre-production in early 2020. The plan was to enter the studio that summer after a 3-week European tour in May, but since the pandemic hit we changed plans. We took all that live energy and hit Tambourine Studios in Malmö around the same time we should’ve started the tour. With this release we wanted to do something we hadn’t done before. After playing live extensively since the last album, we recorded the foundation of the songs live in the studio to capture the essence of our stage performance. The songs are inspired and created during a hectic period of touring and the lyrics weigh heavy on life experiences I’ve gathered both in my personal life and out on the road.

Given the current state of the world, did it poise any issues towards the completion of the


Actually no, we had the privilege to be able to push the recording plans forward and keep up the creativity despite the world more or less shutting down. We were already planning to find new collaborations for the release and not being able to tour gave us the opportunity to plan the release without distractions. So, in a way, we made the most of it.

Of course the current state of things isn't ideal, have you started to plan for what comes next once the world starts opening up again?

Well, the first thing we’ll make sure to do, is hit the road. We really miss performing live, seeing new places and meeting wonderful people. We can’t wait to get back out there and play the new songs live!

Tell us a bit about yourself as a musician, who influences you?

I knew I wanted to play the electric guitar when I first heard The Hellacopters album ‘High Visibility’. I’ve really come to appreciate a lot of 60’s and 70’s rock through them as well as the garage rock revival of the 90’s. So directly I would say that Nicke Andersson of The Hellacopters influences me the most and indirectly there are a lot of bands that I get inspired from. Honorable mentions would be Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Turbonegro and Gluecifer.

Who is your biggest bucketing band you've shared the stage with? Who would you love to share the stage with next?

I’m not sure which band would be considered the biggest but we really enjoyed sharing the stage with Hank Von Hell (ex-Turbonegro), Supersuckers, Horisont, Warrior Soul and Electric Eel Shock. It would be great to get the opportunity to play with The Hellacopters, Danko Jones or The Hives. Such great live bands!

What are some of the main themes behind the new album? What story are you trying to convey?

Most of the lyrics I write touch on the subject of picking yourself up during or after hardships in life, taking chances and facing obstacles with a positive state of mind. Basically, turn your setbacks into challenges, your self-doubt into determination. I always write from within and try to make it able for others to relate and apply the words to their own experiences. The songs on ‘Deadlights’ are inspired by and created during a hectic period of touring and the lyrics weigh heavy on life experiences I’ve gathered both in my personal life and out on the road.

Last but not least, is there any message you would like to share with your fans?

Make sure to watch out for the next single ‘Feather’ on April 23rd, listen to the 3 singles that are out already and on behalf of the whole band: We can’t wait to get out there to play for and meet you guys! Stay safe, see you soon.

Thank you so much for your time! Liar Thief Bandit's new album Deadlight is available on May 14th, but with 3 singles already available, you can get a good idea of the album (and pre-order the album) on the band's Bandcamp!

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