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Interview with Dimitris from Unholy Forces Productions and Darkness Guides Us Festival

Today, we are chatting with Dimitris from Unholy Forces Productions. How are you today?

All fine, thank you

This year, you're starting a new festival in Glasgow, Darkness Guides Us Fest. What lead to you wanting to make a purely Black Metal festival?

First and foremost I’m a black metal fan, I felt there was a gap in the scene after North of the Wall wasn’t happening this year and I grabbed the opportunity. While there are many extreme metal festivals in the UK I felt that underground black metal is under-represented in the UK. Had to do something about that.

The lineup consists mostly of UK firsts, bands who have never been up this way. How did you decide who you wanted to bring to the inaugural event?

Exclusives and UK debuts were two big factors in choosing the bands we wanted to bring. We wanted to give the opportunity to underground black metal bands that have long deserved to play in the UK a platform to showcase their material to fans, also the Greek element is obvious having 3 legendary bands from Hellas, that Is going be the case with future editions as well as both me and the other organizer Stelios are both Greek and have good relations with the scene back home.

Your headliners for the event are Impaled Nazarene and Ancient. Two massive underground bands, would you say these were picked for the more hardcore Black Metal listeners as opposed to the casual listener who may only know Mayhem and Immortal?

Indeed that was exactly our thinking, both bands have achieved a cult status and deserve the spot of head-liner, we were told it was a risky choice but we moved forward and ticket sales proved we were right to do so. The 'hardcore' -'trve' - 'kvlt' black metal listener will make a trip from China, Brazil, the US, Ukraine, Slovakia and so on just to see those bands as opposed to the more casual BM listener. Half the tickets sold are from outside the UK.

How did you put these bands together? Did you start creating the festival with a good idea of what bands you wanted playing, or did everything mostly fall into place while creating the lineup?

We wanted our festival to be a ‘celebration’ of black metal with as much possible sub-genres represented, we wanted old school without neglecting worthy newer bands, something that would appeal to the true black metal fan. We had a good idea of the bands we wanted to bring from the beginning and I’m happy to say that apart from 2 occasions we booked every band we wanted for the fest.

When with a few months to go, the festival appears to be on the brink of selling out, does this mean we might see a second edition next year?

We 're really satisfied with ticket sales, around 50 tickets are left for a sold out as we speak! Next edition is already on the works, and contact has been made with several bands. I can only reveal that the next edition will take place at a venue that is truly unique with perfect acoustics as it used to be an ex-church, it will be St. Lukes and the second edition will take place on the 20th-21st-22nd of November 2020.

For fans who make it out to the show, will you have any festival specific merch available?

There will be a fest T-shirt available limited to 200 pieces

What bands should fans absolutely be on the lookout for at the festival? Who would you suggest to absolutely not miss?

There are so many bands in the line-up i truly believe would be a sacrilege to miss, i really don't know where to start, Kroda and Kawir are making their first appearance in the UK something that should have been done years ago, both bands will make a huge impression to the fans, Harakiri For The Sky will mesmerise the audience and prove why they are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, rare live appearances by Karg and Sarkrista both excellent bands, Greek black metal pioneers Varathron known for their brutal live performances, Zemial with Proscriptor from Absu on Vocals!!! and i haven't even mentioned the headliners or the more well known bands such as Nargaroth and Sargeist. It’s gonna be hell on earth!

Last, but not least, do you have anything you'd like to share with the fans reading and prepping for the festival?

Thanks for the amazing support, we ‘ll make sure this is going be unforgettable!

Thank you so much for you time Dimitris, look forward to seeing you at this year's festival!

Thanks for the interview, see you in Glasgow in a couple of months.

Update: Kroda has since had to drop off the festival due to Visa issues, and have been replaced by Azaghal who are making their UK debut at Darkness Guides Us Fest.

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