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Talking Where Shadows Fade, Lockdown, And More With Herr Nox

Hello, thank you for joining us today. How are you?

I’m doing great! Thanks for having me.

Tell us a bit about your new album, what was writing and recording for this album like?

My new album is titled Where Shadows Fade. It consists of 8 tracks exploring the lack of empathy and the seemingly dystopian times we are living in. Composing the album was fairly quick, but I spent a lot of time tweaking everything to my satisfaction. I took breaks fairly often to let the songs simmer a bit. I wanted to make sure that when I’d come back to them, I would still be happy with what I had.

Given the current state of the world, did it poise any issues towards the completion of the album?

Yeah, especially towards the end of 2020. In the Province of Quebec, we were going from lockdown to lockdown, we had curfews, people could not travel from one city to another. So it was pretty hard to plan anything, especially shooting both music videos (Where Shadows Fade and Black Butterfly). Luckily, they still turned out really well and I did not have to compromise much on what was originally planned.

Of course the current state of things isn't ideal, have you started to plan for what comes next once the world starts opening up again?

To be honest, I quite enjoy solitude so I’m getting the itch to spend days again in the studio and write new material. I’m concentrating on the album release at the moment, but I can’t wait to have more time and get back into writing new music.

Tell us a bit about yourself as a musician, who influences you?

I enjoy a lot of different styles of music so it reflects a lot on what I do. Bowie is a major influence and his appeal mostly comes from the fact that he experimented and tried many different things. For me, that’s something that stuck. I try to bring my metal, goth, electronic, jazz, progressive, classical and ambient influences all together. A priori, it might sound weird but I think I did achieve to make something coherent and catchy with all of those influences.

Who is your biggest bucket list band you've shared the stage with? Who would you love to share the stage with next?

I have not shared the stage with him but I did have Jorgen Munkeby (from Shining, Emperor, Me and that Man) and his saxophone on my album. He was on top of my list for collabs so I’m incredibly thankful. As for someone what band I’d like to share the stage with, out of all the monuments of music still around today, I would have to go with The Cure.

What are some of the main themes behind the new album? What story are you trying to convey?

The previous presidency had a lot of influence on the state of the world, so it obviously reflected on the album. I was pretty sick of the lack of empathy shown by a lot of people, the police brutality, the political games being played. The album starts with a song called Doomsday, which I think was very apropos. It’s a recurring theme throughout the album.

Last but not least, is there any message you would like to share with your fans?

As always, please support independent artists! If you don’t have any money, share the videos. Make that music travel as far as it can.

Thank you so much for your time!

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